‘Celebrating Peace through Justice’

75th anniversary of the International Court of Justice

On Sunday 18 April 2021, you are kindly invited to join our musical tribute, Hymne des Nations, to the invaluable work of the International Court of Justice.

The world is a safer and more prosperous place thanks to international cooperation. As music connects people, countries, generations and cultures, music is also one of the best ways to spread this message. This event marks the end point of a one-year long musical journey called #UnitedMusic75. The aim of this one-year challenge was to show solidarity and highlight the convening power of music for a common cause: Peace through Justice. 

Settle in for a spectacular performance of the Hymne des Nations by Residentie Orkest The Hague and harpist Lavinia Meijer live from the Museon. Composer Jaap Nico Hamburgerincorporated the thematic material into the second movement to honour the spirit of the founding of the Court. 

Be inspired by the personal stories of musicians Simon Gronowski and Amer Shanati. And listen to messages by Stef Blok, Dutch Minister of Foreign Affairs and Jan van Zanen, Mayor of The Hague.

Join us during this musical event and let’s unite through music!

Project initiator, Goodwill Ambassador for the UNANL and harpist Lavinia Meijer calls for action

To celebrate 75 years of the UNITED NATIONS and its International Court of Justice we invite you to join the United Music 75 challenge.

Create your personal interpretation of the Hymne des Nations* and be part of the longest and most diverse musical chain ever made. Let’s give PEACE through JUSTICE a rhythm that resonates all around the world, connecting nations, cultures and YOU!

We want as many musicians, representing as many nations as possible to participate in this challenge, and hope this will lead to a musical chain of submissions representing all nations by April 2021.

By October 24th 2020 we‘d love to have 75 musical variations to surprise the UN on its 75th birthday. April 2021, when the International Court of Justice will turn 75, the musical chain will be shared in the Peace Palace.

* The hymn was written for the inauguration of the Peace Palace in 1913 by Jewish-Dutch composer Charles Grelinger. However, the original piece was never performed, nor did he live to hear it! So now, with your contributions, it will finally echo in the halls it was composed for.

The original piece was adapted for carillon by carillonneur Heleen van der Weel and sent to all corners of the world by the carillon foundation The Hague, so that all carillonneurs would play it as part of the ‘War Memorial and Peace Carillons’.

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